In the beauty industry it always pays off to be in the know. If you know what products are coming out before your competitors then you always stand to sell products more quickly as well as be the go to person when it comes to those that are seeking the latest information on CosmoProf beauty supplies. CosmoProf has designed a club that is strictly for those seeking the latest information on what products are coming out and when. CosmoProf has started the CosmoProf Proclub in order to give professional the latest news as to what all is being released by CosmoProf as well as whenever tradeshow dates are set therefore giving you first chance for signing up. What is best about the Proclub the fact that it is free to sign up for. So in this article we will look at all the advantages of signing up for the CosmoProf Beauty Supply Proclub and how to go about applying for it.



There are many different advantages that come with joining the CosmoProf Beauty Supplies Proclub and what is great about it is it’s not just CosmoProf where you get your advantages. Partner organizations of CosmoProf also allow student and exclusive membership discounts for members of the Proclub. Plus you get to gain access to any CosmoProf sweepstakes as well as contests. You will also receive early notification on any special training seminars as well as shows that are taking place in your area. You also get  notifications as to CosmoProfs’ sales and promotions and shopping guide as well as your own personalized CosmoProf Proclub Card. There’ll also be a monthly e-mail that will deliver members only information as well as coupons that is intended for members only. There’s even the CosmoProf Student Proclub developed especially for those still in beautician school which gives them their own coupons and Proclub Card as well as student information that can help them.




It should be apparent that joining the Proclub has its advantages as there’s simply no downside to joining. They can possibly help you boost sales as well as the one that knows what all is going on with beauty supplies and trade shows. You own your own beauty salon then it is vital that you stay on top of the latest trends is your customers will count on it. If you’d like to learn more about cost and profit with the CosmoProf Proclub then feel free to read the articles listed on the website. And if you’d like to learn more about CosmoProf and its locations then feel free to check out the CosmoProf store locations as well as all the other information we have pertaining towards CosmoProf. The only questions then feel free to write to us below in the comment section.